Todd is to drums as Rembrandt is to paint.
— Jonathan H

“...Todd's immense talent, innovative approach, quick wit and formidable patience...”

-Kevin L

“These skills are something my kids will have for a lifetime.”

-Kristina H

“Todd is an incredible drummer and is an even more incredible instructor.”

-Ryan B

“Knowledgeable, Patient and always smiling!”

-Richard W

“…The value of each lesson is far beyond the dollar or time commitment...”

-Dylan R

“I am blown away by his commitment to his students.”

-Meta W

“Drum Lessons are the highlight of his week”

-Samantha W

“Todd is always patient and encouraging...”

-Laura D

“He really goes the extra mile...”


-Marni L

“I would (and have) recommend him to anyone!”

-Laura R

“We were lucky to find him”

-Jenny K

“The three best and most important things I’ve done in life”

-Vanessa VB