Drum Lessons


The overall goal is for you to develop your own original unique style of drumming while having fun.
One lesson per week has proven to be an extremely successful formula for those aiming to learn or improve quickly.


30 minutes

  • For beginners excited to start a new adventure of becoming a drummer.

  • For beginner to intermediate drummers looking to elevate their drumming skills.

  • Ideal for kids as well as adults and teenagers.

Thirty minutes allows adequate time to introduce basic drumming concepts and ideas which are easy to understand and apply to the drum kit. A couple of simple drumming exercises per lesson will have you marching to the beat of your own drum.

60 minutes

  • For those looking to learn or improve their drumming skills extremely quickly.

  • For intermediate and advanced drummers looking to elevate their drumming skills.

  • Ideal for adults and teenagers who aim to improve quickly.

Sixty minutes allows adequate time to explore complex concepts and ideas which require more time.

Tuning Clinic - 60 minutes

  • For those focused on creating their own unique signature sound for their space the stage or recording studio.

  • A completely comprehensive clinic designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to keep your drum kit sounding awesome.

  • Ideal drummers of all ages and abilities.

The drum kit is a completely customizable instrument. This comprehensive tuning clinic will teach you everything required to keep your kit sounding exactly how you want it to sound. A well tuned drum with desirable tension and tone will always be a fun drum kit to play. This can be conducted at the home or studio of residents in the twin cities or at the Todd Trainer Drumming Instruction studio.